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    1. Press Releases

      iQIYI to host Spring Online Screenings for Beijing International Film Festival 2020-04-30

      BEIJING, April 30, 2020 -- iQIYI Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), the innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, announced recently that it will be hosting spring online screenings (the "Screenings") in partnership with Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF), allowing movie-goers to enjoy the film feast just a click away. The Screenings will run from May 1 to May 5, during which 32 films will be screened as part of five different segments. iQIYI will serve as the official streaming platform of the Screenings while Suike, a diversified video-sharing platform under iQIYI, is designated as a premier online video engagement community for the event. More>>

      iQIYI Tops Sensor Tower's Latest Online Video App Ranking in China 2020-04-29
      iQIYI Launches New Interactive Features for Hit Show "Youth With You Season 2" for Overseas Users 2020-04-23
      iQIYI Launches iCartoonFace Challenge Together with IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 2020-04-15
      iQIYI's Original Drama Series "Winter Begonia" Taps into Technology and Platform Ecosystem to Promote Peking Opera 2020-04-13
      iQIYI Takes the Lead in the Industry to Introduce Multi-Perspective Watching Mode for Its Hit Variety Show "Youth With You 2" 2020-04-07
      iQIYI Launches Chinese Animated Blockbuster "Nezha" Exclusively Across Nine Southeast Asian 2020-04-05
      iQIYI Launches Long and Short-form Video Sharing Platform "Suike", Representing Strong Addition to iQIYI's Entertainment Offering 2020-04-02
      iQIYI Launches Service Experience Testing Stations in International Markets, With First Testing Station Operating in Singapore 2020-03-25
      iQIYI Launches Qiyu 2Pro VR Somatosensory Game Console An ultra-HD 3D gaming experience with inside-out 6DoF game technology 2020-03-23
      iQIYI Original Hit Variety Show "Youth With You 2" Tops iQIYI Platform's Global Trending List After Debut 2020-03-18
      iQIYI, Together with Peking University and Microsoft Research, Unveils Innovative 360-Degree VR Panoramic Video Solution Accepted by IEEE TMC 2020-03-16
      iQIYI Rolls out Global Release of Highly Anticipated Original Variety Show "Youth with You 2" 2020-03-12
      iQIYI Cooperates with China Telecom on MEC Standardized Service and Promotes 5G Industrial Standards Making 2020-03-09
      iQIYI Maximizes IP Value of Original Reality Show "FOURTRY" by Optimizing Online and Offline IP Value Chain and Creating Diversified Consumption Experience 2020-02-23
      iPARTMENT Season 5 Viewed by Over 74 Million iQIYI Subscribing Members 2020-02-21
      iQIYI Original Drama Series "The Great Ruler" Release Met with Acclaim in Overseas and Domestic Markets, Adding to Success of Comic and Animation Adaptations Under the Same Franchise 2020-02-16
      iQIYI Contributes to Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Outbreak by Leveraging its Unique Strengths in Content, Membership and Partnerships 2020-02-10
      iQIYI Announces Online Release of Enter the Fat Dragon for February 1 through its Early-access Transactional On-demand Mode 2020-02-01
      iPARTMENT Season 5 Attracts More Than 38 Million Subscribing Members Within One Week of Exclusive Release on iQIYI 2020-01-22
      iQIYI Partners with MBT and Panabit to Bring HD 4K Blu-ray Streaming Services "Qisubo" to Myanmar 2020-01-22
      iQIYI Partners with 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020-01-10
      iQIYI Announces Theatrical Release of its First Original Animation Film Spycies Across Overseas Markets 2020-01-03
      iQIYI Appoints Kelvin Yau as Vice President of International Business Department and General Manager of iQIYI Thailand 2020-01-02
      Cai Xukun and Jony J to Join iQIYI's Original Variety Show Youth with You Season 2 2019-12-27
      iQIYI Announces its 2020 Strategy of the iQIYI Knowledge App, Focusing on Educational Videos and IP-based Content 2019-12-27
      iQIYI Receives Dual Certifications of ISO 27001 and ISO 29151 to Guard Global Users' Information Security and Privacy 2019-12-26
      iQIYI Joint Production "Damp Season" Shortlisted at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019-12-17
      iQIYI App (Android) Receives Accreditation by Riscure Evaluation, Making iQIYI the First for Online Video Platforms Globally 2019-12-13
      iQIYI SVP William Chan Speaks at ATF Embracing Global Video Streaming Changes by Creating Content That Reflects This Day and Age 2019-12-11
      UNINE from iQIYI Original Variety Show Qing Chun You Ni Invited to the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019-12-10
      iQIYI Scream Night 2020 Sparks the Year's Entertainment Highlights 2019-12-07
      iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at ATF Asian Culture Will Become a Global Phenomenon with the Help of the Internet and Technological Innovation 2019-12-04
      iQIYI Chief Technology Officer Liu Wenfeng at the APOStech 2019 Conference 5G and AI Empower a New Entertainment Ecosystem 2019-11-21
      Wang Xuepu, Vice President of iQIYI Attends the 2019 CNBC East Tech West The Convergence of 5G and Al Creates New Opportunities for the Video Streaming Industry 2019-11-20
      iQIYI's Self-Developed Watermarking System Passes ChinaDRM Lab's Evaluation Test, Marked as Another Breakthrough in Copyright Protection 2019-11-18
      iQIYI Intelligence Completes Series A Financing to Accelerate the Forging of VRAR Ecosystem 2019-11-14
      iQIYI Original Productions The Thunder, The Golden Eyes and The Rap of China Win Multiple Awards at the 2019 Chinese American Film Festival and Chinese American TV Festival 2019-11-12
      iQIYI Jointly Sponsors Hatsune Miku 2019 China Concert Tour to Tap into the Commercial Value of Two-dimensional Culture Industry 2019-11-7
      iQIYI Announces Strategic Partnership with Malaysia's Leading Media Brand Astro, Expanding Entertainment Services for Overseas Markets 2019-11-5
      iQIYI Releases New Dataset that Enhances Facial Recognition Technology, Research Paper on the Subject Accepted by ICCV 2019-10-31
      iQIYI Releases Season 2 of Original Animation Series "Beyond the Ocean", Boosting Production Capabilities by Engaging Gaming and Film Production Teams 2019-10-29
      iQIYI Launches "AI Seniors Mode" on QIYIGUO TV, Further Improving Care for Elderly Users 2019-10-25
      Blackpink Member Lisa Appointed as New Mentor for iQIYI's Original Variety Show "Qing Chun You Ni 2" 2019-10-24
      iQIYI Strengthens Influence on Chinese Pop-culture Trends through New Reality Show "FOURTRY" 2019-10-23
      iQIYI and KFC Collaborate for "VIP Products Day" to Expand Membership Offerings 2019-10-23
      NINEPERCENT Holds Farewell Concert, iQIYI Upgrades in Innovative Membership Benefits for Idol-incubation IP Met with Great Acclaim 2019-10-22
      App Annie Releases Worldwide App Index for Q3 2019: Global Consumer Spending for Apps Exceeds $23 Billion with iQIYI Ranking in 3rd 2019-10-18
      2019 iQIYI iJOY Conference: Promoting Brand Growth through Content and Value-Driven Marketing 2019-10-18
      iQIYI Launches Industry's First "Bullet Subtitle" Reply Feature, Bullet Subtitle Volume Increases by 99.8% YoY in This Summer 2019-9-27
      iQIYI Announces the Start of Production for "The Journey of Flower 2" 2019-9-27
      iQIYI's RMB 3 Billion Intellectual Property Supply Chain Finance Asset-backed Security Plan Gets Approved by SSE 2019-9-17
      iQIYI and ABP Lead Development of Industry-wide "Specifications of Internet Interactive Video Data Format" to Promote Growth of China's Interactive Video Industry 2019-9-11
      iQIYI VP Xie Danming Attends 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference's AITalk: The Age of AI Makes Art More Creative 2019-9-2
      iQIYI Original Drama Series "The Golden Eyes" Wins Prestigious "Golden Bird Prize" at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2019-8-29
      iQIYI Launches "Branching Plot" Interactive Function on Its Original Variety Show "The Rap of China 2019" 2019-8-26
      Fast Company Names Jiang Bin, VP at iQIYI, as One of China's 100 Most Creative People in Business 2019 2019-8-16
      iQIYI Sports Strengthens Sports Offerings Through Exclusive Broadcasting Rights to LaLiga 201920 2019-8-15
      App Annie Releases Global App Revenue Ranking of July 2019 Five Streaming Apps Listed within Top 10, iQIYI Tops China Ranking 2019-8-14
      iQIYI Launches China's First Interactive Commercial in The Rap of China 2019 to Further Reinforce Its Commercial Monetization Model 2019-8-9
      Technological Innovation and Content Resources Drive Success of iQIYI's First Chinese Virtual Idol Band RiCH BOOM 2019-8-5
      iQIYI's Joint Production "Balloon" Shortlisted for the 76th Venice Film Festival 2019-8-2
      iQIYI Launches Interactive Video Platform Plug-in in Premiere Pro, An Easier and More Accessible Way of Making Interactive Videos 2019-7-23
      iQIYI Delivers Integrated Online and Offline Entertainment Experience Through the 2019 iQIYI VIP Fan Carnival 2019-7-18
      iQIYI Enters Fortune China 500 List, Becoming Fastest Growing Internet Company in Ranking 2019-7-11
      iQIYI Prompts Revival of Chinese Indie Music Through Hit Original Variety Show The Big Band 2019-7-5
      iQIYI and ACM MM's 2019 Celebrity Video Identification Challenge Wraps Up Successfully 2019-7-1
      iQIYI AI+VR Innovation Wins "Content and Media Innovation Pioneer Award" at 2019 MWC 2019-6-27
      iQIYI Establishes Strategic Partnership with China Unicom to Build Joint R&D center for 5G Terminal Devices 2019-6-26
      iQIYI Launches the First Domestic Interactive Film and Television Work "His Smile", Providing Brand New User Experience to the Chinese Audience 2019-6-21
      iQIYI Broadcasts "The Rap of China 2019", Prompting the Return of the Chinese Rap Culture Trend This Summer 2019-6-19
      iQIYI Restored Heritage Film "The Adventures of Sanmao the Waif" Selected for Screening at Shanghai International Film Festival 2019-6-18
      IQIYI and Astro Set iQIYI Content Channel in Malaysia, Bringing in New Model of Content Distribution 2019-6-17
      iQIYI Makes 2019 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies List 2019-6-12
      iQIYI Knowledge App Exclusively Launches Parenting Curriculum by Nick Vujicic 2019-6-7
      iQIYI Animated Film "Spycies" Makes Finalist for Golden Goblet Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2019-6-4
      Chinese Heritage Film "Diary of a Nurse" Restored by iQIYI and NIP Selected for Screening at Cannes Film Festival 2019-5-15
      Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Mo Yan Speaks at 2019 iQIYI World Conference: Creativity and Technological Development Key to Future of Entertainment 2019-5-10
      iQIYI Releases Knowledge App, Deepening Efforts in Paid Content Market 2019-5-10
      iQIYI Launches New Talent Agent Plan at 2019 iQIYI World Conference 2019-5-10
      iQIYI Original Crime Drama "The Thunder" Secures Overseas Distribution by RED BY HBO 2019-5-9
      iQIYI Launches World's First Professional Interactive Video Guideline and Video Platform to Standardize Interactive Content Creation 2019-5-9
      2019 iQIYI World Conference Presents Blueprint of Innovation-driven Win-win Entertainment Ecosystem 2019-5-9
      BrandZ? Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2019 Unveiled, iQIYI Named Fastest Growing Chinese Brand of 2019 2019-5-6
      iQIYI President of Membership and Overseas Business Group at APOS Summit: Chinese Users are Willing to Pay for High-quality Online Content 2019-4-28
      QIYI Original Show "The Rap of China" Kicks off 2019 International Contestant Search Tour in Los Angeles 2019-4-26
      iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at Beijing International Film Festival: Traditional Movie Industry Requires More Diversified Internet-based Monetization Models 2019-4-24
      iQIYI Named World's Fastest-Growing Brand and Fastest-Growing Chinese Brand of 2019 by Brand Finance 2019-4-19
      iQIYI Announces Strong Performance of Foreign and Sino-foreign Films Released Through Revenue Sharing Model 2019-4-18
      iQIYI President of PCG & CCO Wang Xiaohui Speaks at Harvard College China Forum 2019: Technological Innovation is Key to Helping Chinese Entertainment Build International Presence 2019-4-17
      iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng Speaks at China Institute 2019 Executive Summit: Instead of Replacing Human Creativity and Talent, AI Helps Unleash It China Institute 2019 Executive Summit in New York Focuses on Trends in Technology and AI Application 2019-4-16
      iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at Committee of 100: Technological Innovation Accelerates the Going Global of China's Entertainment Industry 2019-4-8
      iQIYI Premieres Exclusive Costume Drama "The Legend of White Snake" with International Distributions Scheduled for North America and Southeast Asia 2019-4-4
      iQIYI Provides In-Vehicle Entertainment Solution for Ford's New SYNC+ Infotainment System, Powered by Baidu 2019-4-3
      iQIYI Lowers Rebuffering Ratio by 13% with AI Technology, Research Paper on the Subject Accepted by IEEE ICME 2019 2019-3-25
      iQIYI and China Unicom Beijing Collaborates on Commercialization of 5G Technology 2019-3-19
      iQIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Speaks at FILMART: Innovation is Embedded in All Aspects of iQIYI's Ecosystem 2019-3-18
      iQIYI Successfully Launches Game Adaptation of DreamWorks Animated Film 2019-3-18
      iQIYI and ACM MM Launch 2019 Celebrity Video Identification Challenge 2019-3-8
      iQIYI's "The Golden Eyes" Picked Up by International Networks Prior to Online Debut 2019-2-26
      iQIYI Original Crime Drama "Burning Ice" Broadcast in Japan 2019-2-20
      iQIYI Gains Exclusive Broadcast Rights in China for George Clooney's "Catch-22" 2019-2-19
      iQIYI Brings HD 4K Blu-ray Streaming Services to Hotels Across Thailand 2019-2-3
      iQIYI Announces Theatrical Release of "The Knight of Shadows" Starring Jackie Chan 2019-1-31
      iQIYI and Ctrip Expand Strategic Cooperation in Shared Membership 2019-1-24
      New Joint Venture Brings iQIYI Content to Screens on the Shanghai Metro System 2019-1-15
      iQIYI Unveils "Vertical Video Zone" for Dedicated Mobile Portrait Mode Viewing Experience 2019-1-3
      iQIYI Variety Show "I, Actor" to Cultivate New Generation of Actors 2018-12-28
      iQIYI Grants Format Rights to U2K for English Language Remake of "Hot-Blood Dance Crew" 2018-12-19
      iQIYI Original Content Picks up Multiple Honors at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018-12-12
      iQIYI Signs Wide Ranging Partnership in Mobile Data with China Mobile and Membership with China Mobile's MIGU 2018-12-10
      iQIYI Unveils World's First Virtual AI Sign Language Interpreter, Allowing the Hearing Impaired to Enjoy iQIYI Video Content 2018-12-2
      iQIYI Cross-Industry Initiative Brings Immersive VR Experience to Hotel Guests 2018-11-30
      iQIYI Partners with Japan's DeNA Group to Adapt Online Light Novel IP into Comic Form 2018-11-23
      iQIYI Partners with Google to Incorporate Google Widevine DRM into Multi-Digital Rights Management System 2018-11-21
      iQIYI Announces Winners of "Celebrity Video Identification Challenge" 2018-11-19
      iQIYI and CBS Studios International Announce Licensing Agreement for "The Late Late Show with James Corden" 2018-11-14
      iQIYI and THX? Launch China's First THX Certified On-Demand Movie Theater 2018-11-12
      QIYI Founder and CEO Gong Yu Selected for Variety500 List of Most Influential Business Leaders in Global Entertainment Industry 2018-11-06
      iQIYI's Original Dramas and Movies Pick Up Multiple Honors at the Chinese American Film Festival, TV Festival 2018-11-05
      iQIYI Releases Vertical Video Drama Series "Ugh! Life!" 2018-11-05
      iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng Gives Keynote Speech at China-US Culture Investment Forum in New York 2018-10-29
      iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng: AI is the Key to Maximizing IP Value 2018-10-25
      iQIYI Unveils New Shows for 2019 and New Content Strategy 2018-10-19
      iQIYI CEO Gong Yu Delivers Keynote Speech at Mipcom 2018-10-16
      iQIYI Signs MOU with Viacom International Media Networks on In-depth Collaboration for Second Season of Children’s Animation Series Deer Run 2018-10-16
      iQIYI Joins Forces with Baidu and BGCTV to Launch Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box 2018-09-28
      iQIYI Original Film "The Blizzard" to Hit Screens in Canada 2018-09-13
      iQIYI Founder and CEO Dr. Gong Yu Named "Businessman of the Year" by GQ China 2018-09-05
      iQIYI Sports Completes RMB 850 Million Series A Financing 2018-09-05
      iQIYI Launches New System for Analyzing Video Popularity, Emphasizing Focus on Highest Quality Content 2018-09-04
      iQIYI's Summer Smash Hit Drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" Comes to a Close, Being Streamed Over 15 Billion Times 2018-09-03
      iQIYI Licenses Premium Content to Air New Zealand in Strategic Partnership 2018-09-03
      iQIYI Announces Partnership with Ctrip to Bring Exclusive Travel Benefits to Premium Members 2018-08-26
      All Dots Connected: iQIYI's QiBubble App Awarded Red Dot Award for High Quality Design 2018-08-22
      iQIYI Announces Development of Renowned Naval Warfare Novel "Beyond the Ocean" into CGI Animated Series 2018-08-16
      iQIYI Expands Global Footprint with Extensive International Distribution of Historical Costume Drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" 2018-08-10
      iQIYI Signs New Expanded Multi-Year Nickelodeon Content Deal for China with Viacom International Media Networks 2018-08-09
      iQIYI Partners with Super Sports Media to Launch iQIYI Sports App, Creating a Powerful New Player in the Online Sports Industry in China 2018-08-06
      iQIYI Leverages Advanced Streaming Technology to Broadcast "The Rap of China" Simultaneously to Malaysian and Hong Kong Audiences 2018-07-27
      iQIYI Expands Domestic Distribution of Original Dramas 2018-07-19
      iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Takes Younger Generation by Storm 2018-07-19
      iQIYI Launches Comprehensive Upgrade of Reading App 2018-07-11
      iQIYI Named to the List of China New Economy Top 20 Brands alongside Tencent and Alibaba 2018-07-09
      iQIYI Listed by Forbes as One of China's Most Innovative Companies 2018-07-05
      iQIYI's CTO Remarks on the Importance of AI to the Entertainment Industry at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018-07-05
      iQIYI Brings Binge Watching to China, Releasing Selected TV Shows in their Entirety to VIP Members 2018-07-03
      iQIYI Produced Independent Films Gain Further Critical Acclaim as "Mirrors and Feathers" and "Blue Amber" Pick Up Awards at International Film Festivals 2018-07-01
      iQIYI Enters Fortune China 500 List, Marking Milestone for Innovative Online Entertainment Platform 2018-06-26
      iQIYI Expands Roster of Revenue Shared Internet Drama Series to Tap Fast-Growing Market 2018-06-20
      iQIYI Partners with Top International Director Chen Kaige for Original Online Series "The Eight" 2018-06-15
      iQIYI Launches AI Competition to Promote Development of Video-based Biometric Identification Technology 2018-06-14
      iQIYI's "Hot-Blood Dance Crew" Smashes Industry Records for Total Advertising Revenue 2018-06-13
      iQIYI Launches "Change Plus" Online Wallet to Integrate Entertainment and Financial Services 2018-06-09
      iQIYI's Newly Launched Smart TV App Takes Children's Content Ecosystem to Next Level 2018-06-06
      iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Brings Chinese Rap to the World 2018-05-30
      iQIYI Literature Signs Top Online Novelists to Lead Development of Original Content 2018-05-28
      iQIYI Opens First Offline On-Demand Movie Theater 2018-05-20
      iQIYI 2018 World Conference Showcases Thriving Entertainment Ecosystem 2018-05-17
      iQIYI Becomes China's First Internet Video Platform to Obtain Certification from China's Top Digital Rights Organization 2018-05-10
      JD.com and iQIYI Joint Membership Program Attracts a Combined One Million Users in the First Week 2018-05-09
      iQIYI Expands Library of Top International Films Through Exclusive Cooperation Agreement with leading US Film Company FilmNation Entertainment 2018-05-08
      iQIYI and JD.com Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership to Drive Growth of Paid Memberships 2018-04-27
      iQIYI's "Hot Blood Dance Crew" Simultaneously Broadcast by Malaysia's Leading Media Astro and Gains Popularity Overseas 2018-04-26
      iQIYI to Release World's First 4K VR Integrated Headset Supporting 8K Panoramic Video Playback 2018-04-19
      iQIYI Joins Top International Organization AOMedia to Enhance and Promote Cutting-Edge Video Technologies 2018-04-17
      iQIYI's Original Show "The Rap of China" Launches International Contestant Search 2018-04-13
      iQIYI Original Content Wins Awards at New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films 2018-04-11
      iQIYI's Online Project Co-produced with Sony Pictures Television to Launch Globally via Netflix 2018-01-05
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